Hair Loss Integration Systems

LVH recognises that hair loss can be very upsetting and cause a lack of confidence, affecting your overall self-esteem. With this in mind, we are proud to have become one of the very few salons in the country to specialise in hair integration systems.

As an innovative alternative to wigs, hair integration systems are ideal for clients searching for a semi-permanent hair loss solution. Designed for those who would like to achieve long, thick locks but cannot have hair extensions fitted, these systems are designed bespoke to meet all your requirements.

A custom-made, mesh ‘system’ is used to secure colour-matched hair to your natural hair, achieving a seamless, natural appearance. Natural hair, even when thin and sparse, is carefully pulled through the mesh, which, when finished, will create the clever illusion of your scalp. The mesh used is completely hypoallergenic and breathable, which means that the system will remain comfortable and feel just the same as your natural hair would.


Virtually invisible micro-fine net is perfectly integrated into your  own hair using either micro-links bead or to medical grade tape pockets your hair is sandwiched and secured. we use 100 % quality Remy human hair for this service.

With adequate care, hair integration systems can last over to a year and can be washed, styled and treated the same as you would do so with your natural hair. There are no limitations when having a system fitted; you can continue to embark on your daily routine, including going to the gym and swimming, without any problems. However, it is always recommended to schedule regular maintenance appointments, just as you would do so with hair extensions, to readjust the system, ensuring that results remain seamless.