Micro Bonds Extensions


The Micro Bond method is a versatile method that can be used on fine to medium hair type 


Who are they for?

Micro Bonds are great for clients who

  • like to place hair extensions further forward or lower down at the nape compared to other methods
  • prefer wearing a method that is permanent and more hard-wearing than other methods


What are micro bond hair extensions?

Micro Bond Hair Extensions are the smallest, most discreet and versatile way of adding hair extensions.

A high level of technical skill is needed to perform this method and so it is not widely offered in regular salons.  As a specialist salon, we offer this method to our clients who cannot have the micro ring or tape method fitted as their hair is lacking density at the root.

When we first meet a client, usually at a consultation, we start by thinking of how to safely fit hair extensions at the first appointment and for many many years after.  So that - in ten years time we know that we can achieve the same result for a client as we did at their first appointment.



Micro Bonding - see how we do it!

Small Micro Bonds made of keratin resin - the same protein found in hair and nails - are formed by hand.  Each bond is adjustable in size, and can be matched to each client's hair density carefully.

The bond is small and very discreet, especially when a root to tip colour match is achieved.  When bonds are added, volume is built up slowly but the results are supremely natural as the hair moves freely and integrates easily into the client's own hair.

micro bond hair extensions

Our Service Explained

Micro Bond Hair Extensions are fitted by taking a small safe section of a client's own hair and rolling a keratin tipped strand of hair around it with our fingertips, creating a bond the size of a grain of rice.

This method requires a higher level of technical skill than others and is the safest and most reliable method of adding hair for those client's with finer hair types or who want to add hair in more sensitive areas safely, to create a particular result.



How Much Do They Cost?

Our Micro Bond Hair Extensions service price includes the cost of the hair and the fitting in one clear price.

Micro Bonds are not re-usable, so no refits are possible with this method.

Micro bond extensions are available from our Fitzrovia, Central London salon from £495.

See our pricing guide for salon services


Before and Afters

Choose what final look you're trying to achieve and see for yourself how it is all possible at Vixen and Blush!



Still Have Questions?

What we get asked about micro bonds..
Can I still get my hair dyed while wearing this method?

Yes, it is totally fine to dye the roots of your own hair while wearing hair extensions.

We advise that you apply the dye to the halo section of your hair, where there are no hair extensions, and avoid painting on the dye directly on top of the bonds.

For anyone who is concerned about the underneath not being dyed as regularly, we recommend pairing an appointment for colour with your removal/refit so that the underneath part does get refreshed once every 3 months.

For other clients who are not trying to cover grey or don't have colour applied to their roots regularly, allowing the underneath part of the hair to grow out natural is very common.

Does this method use glue - I don't like the sound of that at all....?!?
Will my colleagues, partner and friends know I'm wearing hair extensions?
Micro Bonds - more questions our clients ask us..
Pros and Cons of the Micro Bonding method


  • Suitable for fine hair types
  • Suitable for those lacking density at the root
  • Suitable for clients with more brittle hair texture (such as those with grey hair)
  • The most realistic natural-looking results for clients with challenging hair issues (such as previous bleach damage to the ends)
  • Can add bonds in more mobile areas of the head such as around the ear, the hair near the temples and at the nape of the neck
  • Can add more hair in safely, for those wanting to maximise their results
  • Long-lasting (3 months wear time)


  • Not a re-usable method
  • Take longer to remove and re-apply than other methods
Can I wear my hair up with this method?
What is the maintenance like - will I have to spend hours in front of the mirror?